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The Quantitative Sneezing podcast aims to make sense of what the big economic themes really mean for your wallet.

Episode 1: The death of cash?

  • Is cash dead?
  • Can you buy ice cream with a credit card?
  • Are your new fivers a collector’s item?

All this and more is answered in the first episode of the Quantitative Sneezing podcast.

This recording features Ricky Knox, chief executive of Tandem and Lee Boyce, consumer affairs editor at personal finance website This is Money.

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I set up this blog six years ago to share some witty thoughts on the funny side of finance.

It has been pretty malnourished but soon will be well fed with the launch of the Quantitative Sneezing podcast!

The aim of this podcast is to tackle the jargon in politics and personal finance to make clear what the big economic themes of the day really mean for your wallet.

Stay tuned!


Slight lack of sense and sensibility from leader of the House of Commons  as she refers to Jane Austen as the “greatest living” author.