Episode 2: Have hipsters taken over the economy?

What is a hipster?

Is it really anything new?

Why your gran may actually be a hipster.

All this and more is answered in the second episode of the Quantitative Sneezing podcast.

This recording features freelance journalist Iona Bain, editor of the Young Money Blog.

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Here is a bit of bad news if you are struggling to get on the property ladder.

MatchedBets has calculated how long it would take a Premiership footballer to earn enough to buy a home near their team’s ground.

Time to get saving or just work on that left foot!

The Quantitative Sneezing podcast aims to make sense of what the big economic themes really mean for your wallet.

Episode 1: The death of cash?

  • Is cash dead?
  • Can you buy ice cream with a credit card?
  • Are your new fivers a collector’s item?

All this and more is answered in the first episode of the Quantitative Sneezing podcast.

This recording features Ricky Knox, chief executive of Tandem and Lee Boyce, consumer affairs editor at personal finance website This is Money.

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I set up this blog six years ago to share some witty thoughts on the funny side of finance.

It has been pretty malnourished but soon will be well fed with the launch of the Quantitative Sneezing podcast!

The aim of this podcast is to tackle the jargon in politics and personal finance to make clear what the big economic themes of the day really mean for your wallet.

Stay tuned!


Slight lack of sense and sensibility from leader of the House of Commons  as she refers to Jane Austen as the “greatest living” author.

Everyone has a room that has just become a dumping ground for bikes and old boxes or DVD players.

Which rooms are the most used in your house, and which are wasted?

According to Ocean Finance, the dining room has become extinct, what do you think?

Most used room

The government is trying to boost the housing market with the Help to Buy equity loan scheme.

The scheme  offers an interest-free loan for five years from the government that boosts a borrower’s 5 per cent deposit by up to 20 per cent for a mortgage on a new build property worth up to £600,000.

Once that five years is up borrowers will start to pay a low rate of interest on their loan, starting at a rate of 1.75 per cent, and eventually pay back the capital they borrowed when they sell the house.

Whatever side of the housing bubble fence you sit on, the government stats show this scheme is boosting lending.

The first table below shows the number of loans since the scheme launched last April up to September.

Help to Buy loan states for April to September

Help to Buy loan states for April to September

The department for local communities and government released new data in early February 2014 to show even more homebuyers had used the scheme up to the end of January.

But wait at a minute? That column on the right hand side of the table below is exactly the same as the one above?

Help to Buy loan stats for April 2013 to January 2014

Help to Buy loan stats for April 2013 to January 2014

I phoned the DCLG press office who then had to check with a statistician to see if I was correct in saying the percentage figures were wrong. It was no suprise 15minutes later to be told the column was in fact incorrect.

Lets hope this government department isn’t using the same statistician for business rates and council tax!

Osborne bingo

See how many catchphrases the chancellor uses in his Autumn statement

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Bitcoins: Welcome to the future

Posted: November 28, 2013 in News

I put £10 into a Bitcoin ATM in the summer and it is now worth £100.

Read my blog and vote below on whether this cryptocurrency could become a viable investment and form of payment

A very interesting (if hopeful) infographic from on how much you could pay to watch England go all the way in Brazil next year

The Cost To Watch England Win The World Cup In Rio

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